Premium Window Screen and Screen Door Repair

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East Bay Screens provides screen door repair and high quality replacement screens for windows and doors. We are the solution for screen damage caused by wear & tear, drunk friends, nesting birds, and bad ideas.

Custom Size Window Screens

We use metal corners and handles for our window screens. If it fits, we will use thicker & stronger frames than average. East Bay Screens also has a large selection of screen mesh fabrics to choose from.

  • Standard Charcoal: 5-8 years in the sun before color change. Good Visual Acuity. Vulnerable to scratching.
  • BetterVue: 5-8 years in the sun before color change. Great Visual Acuity. Very vulnerable to scratching.
  • Patio Room Grade: 8-12 years in the sun before color change. Good Visual Acuity. May appear darker than Standard Charcoal. Less vulnerable to scratching.
  • TuffScreen & Superscreen: 10+ years in the sun before color change. Acceptable Visual Acuity. Scratch resistant.

Other Premium Window Screen Features

  • Metal corners for durability and twisting. Sometimes a screen needs to twist and wrack to for a snug fit. Our corners are inside the frame for better aesthetics.
  • Metal handles that don’t break after years in the sun. We use metal lift clips that are held in the screen frame by a thick spline.
  • Metal fasteners and springs when needed. If you have an older double hung window, we use proper jiffy clips and bail latches to fasten them. If you order a sunscreen, we use metal diecast clips to hold the screens onto the window. These clips are made to last years in the sun!

Window Re-screening

If you have an existing window screen, screen door or patio door with a good frame, we can re-use it too! We call this process “Re-screening”. We take out of the old screen in the window or door, and put in any of these fabrics above for the window screen repair. We will examine frame, handle and/or wheels to determine the best course of action for your screen door repair or patio door replacement.

If the frame is bent or corruded, or the wheels chipped/pitted and are not rolling well, please consider a screen door replacement. Patio door replacement cost includes a custom measurement, installation and satisfaction guaranty. If you are not happy with the way your new door works, we will take back the door and refund your payment.

New Patio Door Screen and Sliding Screen Door Replacements

Our doors use extruded aluminum frames & corners for strength & durability. Our sliding doors use steel ball bearing wheels for years of easy rolling.

  • Medium Duty – 1.75″ extruded aluminum frame. 3.5″ metal exterior handle. Lever latch system. Spring and screw adjustments for top wheels. Heavy duty bottom wheels with locking nuts.
  • Heavy Duty – 2.25″ extruded aluminum frame up to 20% thicker walls than medium duty. Beveled frame. 5″ metal exterior handle. Spring wheels without screw for the top. Heavy duty bottom wheels with locking nuts.
  • Super Heavy Duty – 2.5″ extruded aluminum frame with p-section design. Flush mortised handle system. Best frame for 8 Foot doorways when flexing is undesirable. Unique wheel design integrated with screw control.

Operational Flexibility

If you need 100 screen doors, but can only cut checks under $5,000, we will work with you!

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